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The Tint Pack for Photoshop

Tint Pack for Photoshop - 40 Photoshop Halftone Textures

Photoshop halftone tints with the soul of ink! Inspired by the beautifully irregular halftone screens from vintage posters, punk rock photocopies and pop art — we created the Tint Pack. If you’d like to give your print or web artwork some real texture, our Tint Pack is just what the doctor ordered.

Finally … screenprint-like Photoshop halftone tints, unachievable with Photoshop filters.

Based on the luscious dots in our Tint Pack for Illustrator, these 40 grayscale TIFF files are a boon for artists that prefer to work in Photoshop. Weighing in at 12″x12″ (in full 300 DPI resolution!) of non-repeating tint, they’re even great for artists that prefer to work in large-format. And they’re pre-rotated to the most common screen rotations for efficiency!

(*Although ideal for Photoshop, The Tint Pack for Photoshop can be used with any software that can open grayscale TIFF files.)

  • 300 DPI grayscale
  • 40 LZW compressed TIFF files
  • 10 densities (5–90%)
  • four screen angles (0, 15, 45 & 75°)
  • 28 LPI (lines per inch)
  • 3600×3600, 88.9 MB download

photoshop indesign illustrator halftone tints
Here’s a zoomed-in view of our tints. Note the variation in the size and shape of the dots.